Bubbles for everyone

champagne x - other - aperitif florenceBefore any trend and fashion, Sant’Ambrogio Cafè was interested in an offer, and enriched it, with a selection of high quality sparkling wine, proposing vintage bottles with special characteristics.
After years of contacts and travels to the lands of Burgundy and other areas of France with an illustrious labeling tradition, hard to find and produce; the customer can order the bottle, but also be surprised in tasting the options of the day, with the suggestions of our staff: an elegant aperitif dedicated to France accompanied by oysters and other seafood delicacies.

The ones of "Mezzo Martini"

martini x - areas - aperitif florenceIn addition to the great choice of cocktails, our must and imaginary takes shape in an irresistible aperitif, or rather our "Mezzo Martini". A simple formula, but just for this reason, very personal and incisive, which becomes a grateful meeting at the end of the day, a bode well for the future and a toast among friends. A sweet, and somewhat dry, tradition; a certainty that doesn't change.