WhatsApp Image at - square - aperitif florenceThe Sant' Ambrogio Cafè, open since 21th March 1991, is located in the homonym square where the church overlooks with its neogotic façade from the end of XIX century. Sant'Ambrogio church is one of the oldest in Florence and constitutes, for the triangular square, on which six streets converge, a meeting point, and an element of identity.
In fact, despite the proximity to commercial and tourist areas, the surroundings maintain a flair of conviviality, a sense of tradition and a social connection between commercial activities and local residents.
It is a place where you can choose from a wide range of quality food and wine.
WhatsApp Image at - church - aperitif florenceIn this context, our café, which animates the square, has distinguished itself in its more than thirty years of activity, becoming a fixed destination for connoisseurs and a welcoming meeting place on every occasion, for aperitifs and after dinner.
Over the years our coffee, where imaginative cocktails have been invented and refined, was the first one to offer a real wine and sparkling wine list: a vast choice of white, red and rosé wines, enriched by a selection of exceptional champagnes in bottle and glass. To accompany, a menu of dishes ideal for any type of pairing.
The Sant’Ambrogio Cafè is a space that interprets the convivial spirit of places, combining attention to quality and the modern taste for experimenting, with flavors and aromas.

x - overlooks - aperitif florenceIn 2019 the Santa Spritz cocktail was born (Select, lime, rosé champagne) which joins it with a new proposal of freshness and panache.

Piazza Sant’Ambrogio 7r
Reservations: +39 055 247 7277
Email: caffesantambrogiosrl@gmail.com

Monday – Friday: 09;30 – 3
Saturday – Sunday: 09:00 – 3